Creative Thinking Skills Lancarkan Karir

Creative thinking skills, atau keterampilan berpikir kreatif, merupakan senjata andalan untuk memperkuat produktivitas, mempertinggi ketangguhan dalam berkarya dan berkompetisi dalam jaman yang semakin tinggi persaingannya ini. Dari pengalaman empiris, bekal pendidikan saja tidak cukup untuk menakhlukkan iklim usaha dan karya. Daya cipta merupakan sumber yang ‘tak ada matinya’ dalam aktivitas apapun.  Apalagi pada era informasi komunikasi dengan teknologi informasi komunikasi (ICT) yang pesat seperti sekarang … Lanjutkan membaca Creative Thinking Skills Lancarkan Karir

Planning Your Year – 2

Steps Two Through Seven For Goal Setting Step number two is for you to write it down. Only three percent of living Americans, or adults anywhere for that matter, have written goals. Everyone else that thinks about a written goal and plans to write them down, someday. But they never get around to it. Most people spend more time making a list of groceries before … Lanjutkan membaca Planning Your Year – 2

Planning Your Year – 1

There has never been a better time in all of human history to be alive than today. There are more opportunities for you to accomplish more things, in more different fields, engaging in more different activities, than have ever existed before. Resolve today to make the coming year the very best year of your life. Resolve today to draw a line under your past and … Lanjutkan membaca Planning Your Year – 1

Increase Your Three Types of Energy

Most successful people can be characterized as having very high levels of energy. Since energy is the fuel with which everything is achieved, there seems to be a direct relationship between energy levels and levels of accomplishment. It is hard to imagine a tired, burned-out person achieving much in life. On the other hand, energetic, positive, forward-moving individuals seem to get and enjoy far more … Lanjutkan membaca Increase Your Three Types of Energy